Justin Hurzeler

Justin Hurzeler is an EMT-P field paramedic, officer, and trainer for a municipal EMS system in central Texas.

He is a NAEMT-certified instructor in the fields of Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, among other subjects, and has taught over 1000 hours of medical curricula to emergency service professionals and civilians alike. Hurzeler additionally serves with a Tactical Medical team, for whom he coordinates training and deploys operationally state-wide with a variety of local and federal law enforcement special response teams.

In ongoing efforts to make himself more useful, he has undergone training in Special Weapons and Tactics, tactical pistol and rifle operations, rope rescue and rappel, helo fast rope, and low-light operations, as well as other ancillary specialized skill areas. Certifications available upon request.

Operating In:

Atomic Legion
Austin, TX


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