Trauma 101

Trauma 101 is a course designed for both the medical novice and those wishing to refresh and/or expand their knowledge and practice in this arena. The material is directed at acquainting the practitioner with life-saving and stabilizing treatments for traumatic injuries sustained via force-on-force encounters, range or hunting accidents, motor vehicle collisions, wilderness missteps, domestic/household catastrophic injuries, and others. Upon completion of this course the participant should expect to have the foundations for proficiency in the following: 

  • Crisis mindset and leadership mentalities.
  • Treatment of penetrating wounds, such as those caused by firearm projectiles, blades, arrows, shrapnel, etc., to extremities, torso, head, and conjoining regions of the body.
  • Priorities of life-saving treatments.
  • Treatment and positioning of the unconscious person.
  • Airway management
  • Patients in shock
  • Fractures and soft tissue injuries
  • What to tell the 911 dispatch operator.
  • Recommended equipment for immediate aid in such incidents.
  • Management of multiple injured persons, such as in the aftermath of active shooter incidents, multi-vehicle collisions, or natural disasters.

Course style is highly interactive in a combined didactic and scenario-based medium, and will require student hands-on participation throughout in order to better train motor skills pertinent to medical aid. 

All aspects of this course are drawn from current national and military standards in pre-hospital care and treatment, and include current practice as set forth by the American College of Surgeons, the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and the Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Executive Council.*

Just finished an amazing 8 hour Trauma 101 course with Justin Hurzeler.
Thought 8 hours would be overload but it was worth every second. The time flew by and at the end, we were all clamoring for more.
Excellent content; patient and effective instruction.
Learned a ton of very useful skills in a very short period of time.
Everyone should consider taking this course the next time it’s offered.
Well done, team. Appreciate everything you offer to our community.
— Donald Park, Owner/Operator Gracie Humaita Austin
Learned a whole truckload of “first responder” type trauma skills in @atomiclegion Trauma 101. It really helps to put in perspective that little things can make a big difference.
— Dru Sellers