Companies & Things we Support

These are companies we support with our own dollars because we think they represent best of breed gear, instruction, and/or support.


We believe in varied experience and background but quality of instruction rules all.

Tactical Performance Center
Incredible cadre, tremendous strength of instruction, and results based curriculum.

Practical Shooting Training Group
Highly technical individualized breakdown of performance, grooming of training methodology, and a highly active peer community.

Langdon Tactical
Involved in the success of students, methodical breakdown of performance cues, and an ever evolving student of how to be a better instructor.


Red Hill Tactical
Alex is sponsored by RHT now but was buying from them long before they picked him up. Rugged holsters for competition and range use. Use code ROGUERHT

Ben Stoeger Pro Shop
All the gear you want, fast shipping, great service, and a wicked unicorn.

Vortex Optics
Quality to meet any budget. Support that tops all others in the industry.

American Precision Arms
The finest bolt rifles & accessories on the planet. Bar none.

Bombproof optic mounts that simply don’t fail.