Beyond Fundamentals focuses on refining core concepts of marksmanship and introduces the student to concepts of shooting while moving. Enabling objectives include comprehension of the shooting cycle, draw stroke refinement, active visual processing dills, reloading and malfunction clearance exercises, and demonstrated control over one's shot tempo. High repetition is used to codify technique and to provide immediate feedback to the student. A score of 80% or better on the final test is required to pass.

  • Topics Covered

    • Familiarization with the shot cycle

    • Importance of economy of effort and motion

    • Physically indexed movements such as reloads and grips

    • Producing performance on target while moving

    • Vision as the locus of control and visual processing concepts

    • Tempo as a tool to increase hit probability

  • Prerequisite

    • Comfortable with drawing from an OWB holster and able to reliably hit an eight circle at 7 yards

  • Gear Requirements:

    • Semi-Automatic Pistol and 3 magazines

    • Outside the waistband holster

    • Eye and Ear Protection

    • 350 Rounds of ammunition

This class is conducted outdoors and is subject to environmental conditions. Participants should be prepared for mild levels of physical activity throughout the duration of the class.