Intro to dynamic movement is designed for the shooter who has sound base mechanics and is wanting to learn how to move with the pistol outside of the holster.  The single terminal objective is that athletes will become capable of safely moving between positions while maintaining strict muzzle and trigger control. At the core, it is all about getting comfortable with the idea that we can maintain discipline over the tool while moving aggressively which allows us the shooter to then enter into more complex drills with a higher level of confidence. All sequences will be demoed by the instructor. This is the perfect primer for shooters interested in the Run and Gun but that feel uncomfortable having not moved with their pistol deployed out of the holster. 

  • Topics Covered

    • Draw sequence overview and refinement

    • Muzzle and trigger finger discipline moving laterally

    • Muzzle and trigger finger discipline moving horizontally

    • Dynamic and aggressive movement between target positions

  • Prerequisite

    • Comfortable with drawing from an OWB holster and able to reliably hit an eight inch circle at 7 yards

    • Comfortable with loading, unloading, and press checking

  • Gear Requirements:

    • Reliable Semi-Automatic Pistol

    • Minimum of 3 magazines

    • Outside the waistband holster

    • Eye and Ear Protection

    • 200 Rounds of ammunition

This class is conducted outdoors and is subject to environmental conditions. Participants should be prepared for mild levels of physical activity throughout the duration of the class.