Test your skills

Our Run and Gun Challenge is a quarterly event where shooters are invited to come out and test their marksmanship under stress. These events are run very similar to USPSA and IDPA events but each has an additional component that adds either physical, or psychological stress, to more closely replicate real world situations. 

Match details:

  • The entire match is shot on steel, with a required number of hits for each stage
  • Matches run from 9am - 1pm
  • Scores are based on total completion time, with the winner having the fastest overall time
  • The event has 6 stages with each lasting 60-120 seconds in duration
  • Shooters will be sorted into 3 divisions (LEO, MIL, Competitor / Male / Female)
  • 1st place shooters in each division will receive a prize

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-automatic Pistol with retention holster**
  • 3 magazines with a method to store magazines
  • Belt
  • Eye and Ear Pro
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Durable clothing and footwear

**The holster must have the ability to hold the pistol in place while upside down to ensure proper retention.