Land Navigation 1: Map Reading


A topographic map is the most important navigation tool you have in the backcountry. Having the ability to interpret the colors, symbols, and shapes depicted on the map is an essential skill that will keep you safe and on track in the wilderness.

This course is designed to teach you the following critical concepts and skills:

  1. Understand the types of public land and their use.
  2. Understand scale and how it influences the information provided on a map.
  3. Identify which maps are appropriate for your mission and where to acquire them.
  4. Understand how coordinate systems work.
  5. Be able to find a location based on a coordinate.
  6. Be able to give a coordinate based on a specific location.
  7. Develop a general sense of direction.
  8. How to measure straight line and exact distance on the map.
  9. Understand how environmental conditions impact rate of travel.
  10. Develop Route Descriptions using DDT (Distance, Direction, Terrain)
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