The Mission

We believe in a guiding philosophy; share your knowledge, bring your community up, and continue to learn more for the benefit of the collective.

By making each community member more capable and more prepared, we all benefit; we all become a bit safer. Whether it is knowing how to navigate the backcountry when technology fails, responding to a medical incident resulting from a vehicle accident, or protecting those you care about, capability is what we push. 

Our coursework is designed for individuals seeking a solid set of fundamental skills to build upon. We can also push those with strong core skills forward. Regardless of where you are in your path, we will help you drive the line further.

By establishing a solid core knowledge base, the connection between theory and real-world application is more readily understood, making you a more versatile asset.

Atomic Legion exists to make you more well-rounded, capable, confident and prepared.


Jake Saenz

Former Rambo wanna-be in the 75th Ranger Regiment, hunter, NRA Pistol Instructor and RSO, Owner Atomic Athlete, Brown Belt in South American ground karate.
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Alex Acosta

Civilian marksman, pistol whisperer, perpetual student, data collector, and professional nerd.
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Jeff Rockwell

Civilian self-defense practitioner, competitive shooting addict, and epic movie quoter.
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Lars Noldan

Overland and off-roading enthusiast, NIMS & ICS certified emergency communications volunteer, computer whisperer, and professional radio communications expert.
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Eric Lancaster

Paramedic and EMS Field Training Officer, Trail Runner, Garage Gym Junkie, and Beef Enthusiast.
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Companies & Things we Support

These are companies we support with our own dollars because we think they represent best of breed gear, instruction, and/or support.


We believe in varied experience and background but quality of instruction rules all.
Gracie Humaitá Austin
Austin’s best grappling and BJJ academy.
Austin Kickboxing Academy
Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA with some amazing coaches.
Tactical Performance Center
Incredible cadre, tremendous strength of instruction, and results based curriculum.
Practical Shooting Training Group
Highly technical individualized breakdown of performance, grooming of training methodology, and a highly active peer community.
Langdon Tactical
Involved in the success of students, methodical breakdown of performance cues, and an ever evolving student of how to be a better instructor.


Red Hill Tactical
Alex is sponsored by RHT now but was buying from them long before they picked him up. 
Rugged holsters for competition and range use. Use code: ROGUERHT
Ben Stoeger Pro Shop
All the gear you want, fast shipping, great service, and a wicked unicorn.
Vortex Optics
Quality to meet any budget. Support that tops all others in the industry.
American Precision Arms
The finest bolt rifles & accessories on the planet. Bar none.
Bombproof optic mounts that simply don’t fail.
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