Community is at the core of what we care about at Atomic Legion. Our events bring that community together for good competition and even better camaraderie. The Gauntlet series of run n' guns put our own twist on the category. Work earns you shot opportunities and skill wins more points. Our monthly steel challenge is a game of pure speed and precision - an awesome test of mettle.

The Gauntlet

Our signature spin on the run n' gun! Do work to earn the opportunity to score points. Rush through a shot opportunity and all your work will be for nothing. This event requires you to be able to ratchet up and down mentally. Control is the key!

Weeknight Steel Challenge

Speed and accuracy are the challenge. How fast can you burn down a stage? Instructors will be on hand to provide performance cues as you go. Shoot each stage 5 times to keep your four fastest runs. Speed and consistency will win!

Ridge Reaper

A test of your skills with a carbine at distances inside of 200 yards. You'll need to move efficiently, acquire a stable firing position and make hits on targets of varying difficulty from an elevated position while under the stress of the clock and your competition.

The Riddle of Steel

Step into the world of practical pistol competition. Five stages including paper and steel, you'll need to move, transition between targets, hit your reloads, all while putting hits on target faster than the competition.

FTX - Field Training Exercise

Welcome to the Legion FTX – the ultimate training experience that pushes the boundaries of your skills and builds camaraderie like no other event. 
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