FTX - Field Training Exercise

Welcome to the Legion FTX – the ultimate training experience that pushes the boundaries of your skills and builds camaraderie like no other event. 

Hosted at Hog Heaven, this event is designed for individuals seeking to elevate their capabilities to new heights. Whether you're a weekend warrior looking to refine your skills or a professional aiming for excellence, the Legion FTX offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.

Advanced Pistol Skills
Take a deep dive into practical speed and accuracy with the Pistol. This module will not only reinforce the fundamentals, but push your skills to new levels through dedicated drills and concepts taught by a Nationally Ranked USPSA Grandmaster. From grip and stance to movement and mindset, you'll leave with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to master the art of the pistol.

Land Navigation & Comms
Prepare for that backcountry hunting or fishing trip with our land navigation module where traditional skills meet modern technology. Taught by a Former Army Ranger and backcountry hunter, you'll learn to navigate using map, compass, as well as modern devices such as GPS/Smartphone. We'll also address basic backcountry communication options including satellite messaging systems and GMRS radios. Whether you're planning your next adventure or preparing for the unexpected, these navigation skills are indispensable.

Medical Training
Prepare for the unexpected with our medical training module. This critical component of the Legion FTX focuses on trauma management and emergency response techniques that can save lives in critical situations. Taught by a Special Forces Medic, this training is invaluable for anyone who seeks to be prepared, from everyday scenarios to extreme environments.

Fireside Beers and BBQ
After a day full of intense training, unwind and connect with fellow participants around a crackling fire. Our fireside evenings are about more than just delicious BBQ and cold beers; they're a time to share stories, forge friendships, and reflect on the day's achievements. It's an integral part of the Legion FTX experience, where camaraderie is kindled, and memories are made.

Join the Legion
The Legion FTX isn't just an event; it's a journey towards personal mastery and community. It's an invitation to step out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself, and to become part of a unique group of individuals who share your passion for excellence. 

We hope to see you out there!

Required Equipment:

  • Gun Belt
  • Kydex Holster that securely retains the firearm during movement. 
  • 2 magazines (15 round capacity each - 30 rounds combined)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Semiautomatic Pistol
  • Eye and Ear Pro
  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • Pen / Notepad
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for range work
  • Water bottle  
  • Smartphone 
  • Lunch / Snacks
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