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Welcome to Atomic Legion's Land Navigation course hub - your compass to mastering the wild! Whether you're a first-time wanderer eager to break in your boots, or a seasoned outdoors enthusiast ready to conquer uncharted terrain, we've got a course designed just for you. Our expert instructors will guide you from the basics of compass and map use, all the way to advanced GPS techniques and nighttime navigation. Let us enhance your skills, expand your outdoor capabilities, and lead you confidently into the heart of the wilderness. At Atomic Legion, we're not just teaching you to find your way – we're equipping you to forge your own path. Embark on your land navigation journey with us today!

Land Nav I: Map Reading

Map reading is our first block in the Land Navigation series where attendees will become intimately familiar with reading and using topographic maps.

Land Nav II: Compass Skills

Land Navigation II - Compass skills is our second block in the Land Navigation series. This block builds upon what was learned in block one and describes the various ways to use a compass.

Land Navigation III: Modern Navigation

Modern Navigation is the 3rd and final block in our Land Nav series. This course is taught outdoors and will introduce mapping and navigation software, as well as build upon the previous 2 blocks with a field course.
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