Land Navigation II - Compass Skills

Land Navigation II - Compass skills is our second block in the Land Navigation series. This block builds upon what was learned in block one, Map Reading.

Where Map Reading focuses on coordinate systems, types of maps, and identifying terrain features Land Navigation II introduces a new tool to further the capabilities of the navigator, the compass.

Although simple in design, the compass is an extremely powerful tool that can do much more than point North. In this block of instruction, we'll explore these capabilities in-depth to build a higher level of confidence for the navigator in the backcountry.

Topics covered include:

  • Identify and understand the types of compasses
  • How to adjust for declination
  • How to set and follow a bearing
  • How to determine a bearing from a map
  • How to determine a bearing from a terrain feature
  • How to find your location through modified resection, resection, and triangulation

Required Equipment:

  • None
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