Can I rent a firearm?

Yes, we have handguns, carbines, and shotguns available for rent. Please email us after booking your sessions to discuss.

Can I bring my guns to shoot?

Absolutely! After you book your session, send us an email and let us know what you are bringing and what your training goals are.

Do you train young adults/children?

Yes, we do. A parent or guardian will need to accompany any shooter under the age of 18

Where can I buy ammunition?

Online is going to be your most reliable option. We have a great tutorial video on where to look here!

License to Carry Questions

Do you administer an LTC/CHL course?

We are focused on addressing marksmanship and decision making abilities far above and beyond what is described in the LTC course. To obtain your LTC, these are the steps to follow.

  • Check your eligibility here, Sec 411.172 of Government Code.
  • Register for an LTC class. We recommend our partners at Central Texas Gun Works !
  • Apply to Texas DPS here.
  • Submit your fingerprints. Schedule that with IdentoGO.
  • Gather LTC documents and submit them to Texas DPS.

Sit back and wait a few weeks.

Should I take a course before my License to Carry Course?

We recommend it. Either our Introduction to Pistol or Pistol Skills I course would prepare you. Your LTC course will focus on the laws surrounding responsible carry. We will teach you how to shoot at speed accurately, make sound and justifiable decisions, and to be prepared for situations requiring medical intervention.


Do I need prior medical training for the Trauma I course?

No. Trauma I is designed to be accessible by the layperson and professional alike.

What if I am already TCCC/TECC/PHTLS or similarly certified?

Trauma 101 serves as a refresher to the skills taught under those certifications and allows the provider further opportunities for scenario-based training and discussion of new developments in pre-hospital trauma management.

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