Handgun Training

We're proud to offer some of the best handgun training in Austin, Texas. If you've never handled a pistol before, our instructors stand ready to guide you every step of the way! Already experienced? We'll challenge and push you further forward with advanced pistol training in either group or private lessons. The Legion cadre is here to help you meet your defensive pistol training goals or up your competitive pistol skills.

Competition Pistol Skills

Join Atomic Legion's "Competition Pistol Skills" class to master fundamental techniques, break through performance plateaus, and receive expert feedback in an exclusive, small-group setting in Austin—forge your path to competitive shooting excellence.

Private Sessions

The best way for a new shooter to get started or for those with experience to deep dive into concepts and skills. Our private range in South East Austin allows us to tailor lessons to the individual.

Pistol Skills I

Master the fundamentals and become more confident than ever with a handgun. For new shooters and anyone that wants to make sure they have a solid foundation to build upon.

Pistol Skills II

Continue developing fundamental pistol mechanics and reinforce foundational concepts. You will be introduced to movement and drawing from a holster. An excellent follow up to a Pistol Skills I.

Pistol Skills III

For students with solid fundamentals looking to become proficient at speed and on the move. Transitions will stress the shooter’s ability to achieve repeatable levels of performance on target.

Ladies Pistol Skills

Ladies' Pistol Skills is designed specifically for new shooters looking to become safe, comfortable, and capable with a handgun. This is the perfect way to get introduced to the pistol in a friendly and safe environment.

Shooter Dev Sessions

Train with the trainer. Guided two-hour blocks focus on specific skill attributes and allow the student to better refine training methods. The coach will talk through mentality, focus, and marksmanship principles.

Introduction to Pistol

This 90-minute block covers firearms safety, equipment, and fundamentals. We'll walk you through everything needed to be a competent gun owner. Considering purchasing a handgun or getting an LTC? This course is for you.
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