Shooter Dev Pistol

Learn how to train pistol skills more effectively. Shooter Dev Pistol is a guided train with the instructor session. Think of it like you are getting to join in on one of their practice sessions. Each class is different and will focus on varying component skills or techniques. If you have wondered how you could structure your practice sessions, these are excellent opportunities to understand how we practice and train independently.

There is less direct instruction during Shooter Dev sessions as you will be training alongside our instructors. You will see how we think, why we focus on specific elements, and how we assess our performance. We'll show you how we use timers and data to track performance over time and how that influences the course of a training session.

Come out and train with us, learn how to build a more effective training strategy for yourself, and push your own line forward.

Topics Covered in Shooter Dev Pistol Include:

  • The shot cycle
  • Shooting on the move
  • Target transitions
  • Positional shooting
  • Pistol Grip mechanics
  • Refining reload mechanics
  • Movement techniques

Equipment Needed:

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Belt with a strong side holster and at least one magazine pouch
  • Three pistol magazines minimum
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic preferably)
  • 100-150 rounds of ammunition (reduced due to shortage in the market)
  • Fluids for hydration

Note: Students should be able to safely draw from the holster and have fundamental marksmanship before attending.

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