The Riddle of Steel

Enter the Practical Shooters' arena with Legion's, The Riddle of Steel.

Designed for shooters seeking to test their skills, this event is the perfect bridge between the rapid-fire action of steel challenges and the strategic complexity of USPSA matches.

Set across a minimum of five stages, each round of this dynamic pistol challenge will push your limits. You'll be challenged with movement, quick target transitions, and efficient reloads as you navigate courses peppered with paper and steel targets.

Scoring is based on the hit factor system. Simply put, it is the points you shoot divided by the time it takes for you to shoot them. Speed is crucial, but accuracy cannot be sacrificed — each stage is a balancing act that will hone your shooting abilities.

Whether you are an experienced competitor or new to the sport, The Riddle of Steel offers a supportive and competitive environment to develop your skills. Get ready to load up and show us what you've got — this is more than a competition; it's a stepping stone to the upper levels of practical shooting.

Equipment Needed:

  • Semi-automatic pistol
  • Pistol with 3-4 mags
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • 150-200 rounds of ammunition


  • Must be able to draw and holster safely
  • Must be comfortable moving with an unholstered firearm

You will need to create a PractiScore account before you can register.

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