Pistol Skills III

Pistol Skills III is the final course in our foundational series. This pistol training course is for students with solid fundamentals looking to be proficient at speed, on the move, and under stress. We will use transitions to stress the shooter's ability to achieve repeatable levels of performance on target. You will further refine and add details to the shooting platform, grip, trigger press variations, and visual acuity.

The use of level III in our course means mastery of the fundamentals. You will progress through increasingly tricky evolutions of drills starting close and then moving to further distances. This requires that you come in with solid mastery and control of the shot cycle and process. Performative results won't create the success that is needed.

Partner vs. partner stress is used at length. This means that instead of reacting to a timer, you will be reacting to another person. Some might say this is tactical training, but it isn't. We are simply exploiting our desires to be competitive. That competitive pressure will serve as a test of your mental control. Can you continue to execute the fundamentals without outrunning your headlights? That's the question we'll be exploring.

Movement is also covered at length. When do you move mounted versus not? How do you arrive into a stable shooting position? This and more will be covered in this firearms training class.

Pistol Skills III is an excellent follow-up to Pistol Skills II once you achieve strong mastery of the concepts it covers.

Topics covered include:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Shooting Positions
  • Drawing and Presenting to target
  • Efficient and faster pistol reloads
  • Multiple targets and transitions
  • Barricades
  • Partner vs Partner stress
  • Timed evaluations
  • Dry Fire

Equipment Needed:

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Belt with a strong side holster and at least two magazine pouches
  • Three pistol magazines minimum (5 if single stack or limited capacity)
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic preferably)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition (reduced due to shortage in the market)
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Fluids for hydration

Note: Students must be able to draw from a holster and consistently hit an 8-inch paper plate at 7 yards.

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