Weeknight Steel Challenge

Weeknight steel challenge is about speed and accuracy. Now that time has changed, it will partially run through dark which means lowlight will also be a factor.

We will have 4 stages set up, and you will run each stage 5 times.

You will be scored on the amount of time it takes to hit every piece of steel. Only the 4 fastest runs will count, we'll drop the slowest run. Additionally, there will be instructional points provided along the way to help you improve your shooting performance.

This is a unique opportunity - competition with a side of instruction!

Equipment Needed:

  • Semi-automatic pistol
  • Pistol with 3-4 mags
  • Handheld or weapon mounted light
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • 100-150 rounds of ammunition


  • Must be able to draw and holster safely
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