Alex Acosta

Alex Acosta is a civilian marksman and USPSA Grandmaster living in Austin, Texas. He considers himself a perpetual student of both skill and tactics as it relates to being a responsible armed person. Much of his time is spent understanding and breaking down the mindset, mechanics, and concepts necessary for the production of performance with a firearm. His education is ongoing, having received over 300 hours of instruction from some of the nation's elite training schools. He continues to seek out methodology on topics related to the use of force, management of one's environment, modes of de-escalation, and diminished light skills. Alex also focuses time on emergency medicine and maintains an NAEMT - TCCC-AC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care All Combatants) certification which focuses on basic life-saving care components.

Ongoing Education

  • Ben Stoeger Advanced Shooting Skill Builder - FEB2022
  • Greybeard Actual Pistol Skill Development - NOV2021
  • Travis Tomasie Performance Pistol - NOV2021
  • Modern Warrior Conference (T. Kier, H. Elmore, J. Garcia) - MAY2021
  • TPC Handgun Mastery - MAR2021
  • Mike Pannone CTT LEO Covert Carry Instructor Course - SEP2020
    • Instructor #001 L2 / Expert
  • K&M Comprehensive Precision Rifle Course - JUL2020
    • Top Shot
  • Modern Warrior Conference (T. Kier, H. Elmore, J. Garcia) - MAY2020
  • TPC Handgun Mastery - AUG2019
  • Defoor Performance Scoped Rifle - JUN2019
  • Ben Stoeger’s Advanced Skill Builder - APR2019
  • BAER Solutions LVL 2 Pistol - OCT2018
    • Top Shot
  • TPC Handgun Competition Supercamp - SEP2018
  • Ernest Langdon LTT Tactical Pistol Skills - AUG2018
  • Spencer Keepers’ AIWB - MAY2018
  • Ben Stoeger’s Skills and Drills - APR2018
  • Jeff Gonzales’ Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics - MAR2018
  • Jeff Gonzales’ Combative Pistol 2 - DEC2017
    • 89/100
  • Wes Doss Khyber Lights Sights Lasers - AUG2017
  • Mike Seeklander Defensive Handgun 200 - MAR2017
  • Greg Hamilton InSights Training Street and Vehicle Tactics - OCT2016
  • KR Training Advanced Training 5 (Tactics Laboratory) - JUN2016
  • KR Training Advanced Training 4 (Pistol Skills Development) - JAN2016
  • Craig Douglas’ Shivworks Extreme Close Quarters Concepts - OCT2015
  • Haley Strategic D5 Handgun - APR2015
  • Massad Ayoob Group - MAG 40 - OCT2014
    • 100/100
  • LaserShot Force on Force - FEB2014
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