IFAK and Gear List for the BLS responder

The first thing I would tell you regarding kits is keep them to a minimum, unless you want to be like me and spend ten minutes unloading backpacks, pouches, range bags, and other shite from your car just to fit groceries in the back seat. Your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) should stay the same for mall runs, range work, hunting expeditions, ninja raids, or whatever; if you want to keep more than one, that’s up to you, but I find it easiest to keep one in my every day carry and one on my shooting rig (because I don’t want to spend time putting it on the rig).


The two IFAK pouches that I'm using right now (and obviously prefer over others) are the ITS Tactical Fatboy or Tallboy (either one depending on your preferred profile; I attach a second tourniquet to the side and put one inside the pouch) and the HSG M3T Taco. I've also used pouches from North American Rescue, 5.11, Tac-Med Solutions, Safariland, and others, just so you know I've ranged the options before settling on these two. As far as IFAK contents, keep it simple so you're not goatfucked when you're under stress and trying to find stuff. I also keep my IFAK separate from any other aid gear, again so I'm not hunting through dross for it when I need it. 

I’ve attached a list of gear that I add, mix, or match for when I might need more than the IFAK. These are only suggestions based on what I keep around, excluding most of the Paramedic level stuff, and can be adjusted based on mission or task. I find it easiest and most cost-effective to buy items separately, rather than pre-stocked kits, so I don’t end up with a bunch of shit I don’t want in my kits, and the shit I do want is the type or brand that I prefer.


As far as home vs. car vs. hunting cabin, it all ends up being the same stuff, so you can, again, just have a bag/kit that you take between those places or build separates, as you see fit.





2x tourniquet (CAT Gen 7 or SOFTT-W recommended)

1x hemostatic gauze (We like Quikclot)

1-2x regular medical gauze

1-2x commercial chest seal (HALO or Hyfin are both good choices)

1-2x Olaes or Israeli/emergency bandage

1x NPA (Size 28 french is a pretty average go-to for adult patients) plus lube

1x nitrile gloves

1x trauma shears/cutter

ADVANCED: 2-4x 14 gauge 3.25” catheters for needle decompression of the chest (or ARS*)


EXPANDED TRAUMA AID, i.e. range/car kit for multiple trauma, active shooter, et al

More of everything in the IFAK: think 1 IFAK=1 patient

2x large trauma dressing

Medical tape

Duct tape (flat-packed works best for space conservation)

5-10 sterile 4x4s

1-2x sterile water: for wound irrigation or minor burn dressings

2-4x survival blankets (or HPMK**); can also supplement with hand warmers

Bag-valve mask (preferably compact version for space***)

Boo-boo kit

ADVANCED: cricothyroidotomy kit, finger thoracostomy kit, advanced airway(s), IV supplies




1-4x IFAK contents, subjective to personnel and duration/resources

2-4x SAM splints

Medical tape

Duct tape

1-2x sterile water

2-4x triangular bandages “cravats”

2-4x elastic wrap/bandage

1x hard eye shield

Bag-valve mask

Boo-boo kit


Epipen: for severe allergic reaction/anaphylaxis

Benadryl/diphenhydramine: for allergic reaction

Immodium/loperamide: for chronic diarrhea

Oral glucose

Electrolyte supplement

Zofran/ondansetron: for chronic nausea/vomiting

Aspirin: for suspected acute coronary syndrome

Ibuprofen: for inflammation and analgesia

Tylenol/acetaminophen: for fever and analgesia

Cortisone cream


Topical antibiotic, i.e. triple A

Oral prescription antibiotics, broad spectrum, if available



Minor wound dressings of various sizes/shapes (Band-aid or whatever brand preferred)

Burn gel(s)

Needlenose forceps/tweezers

Moleskin and molefoam

















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