Test your skills

Our monthly challenges are opportunities for you to test your critical thinking, equipment, marksmanship under stress, and physicality. 

Matches are held at Onion Creek Gun Club in Austin, Texas.

Shooters should have a solid grasp of basic firearms fundamentals and be able to move safely with a loaded weapon.

Examples of some of the challenges we’ve had before are below.


Our most demanding challenge. Shooters will run 6 courses of fire that are extremely physically demanding and incorporate various objects such as sandbags, kettlebells, ammo-cans, sleds, and weight vests. These events are shot on steel with each stage lasting 90 seconds. During the course of fire the shooter will accrue as many hits as possible.


Our fastest challenge. The steel challenge is purely speed and accuracy with very little movement. Shooters will run through 4 different stages 4 times each attempting to complete the course of fire as fast as possible. Stages have between 5-10 targets each and course of fire durations are approximately 6-10 seconds.

Ridge reaper CHALLENGE

The Ridge Reaper is our rifle challenge. This course of fire is a 75 meter lane where shooters will sprint from position to position and engage steel targets across the lake from an elevated firing position. Shooters will run the lane 4-6 times and be shooting at targets ranging from 100 to 250 yards.

Hogan’s Alley CHALLENGE

Our most entertaining challenge. Hogan’s alley is a lead slingers dream. The course of fire has every piece of steel we own on it and multiple firing positions. Shooters can expect to shoot 30-45 rounds per stage re-loading as necessary. Shooters will run the course of fire 4-6 times.

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-automatic Pistol with retention holster**

  • 3 magazines (4 is preferred) with a method to store magazines

  • Belt

  • Eye and Ear Pro

  • 200 rounds of ammunition

  • Durable clothing and footwear

**The holster must have the ability to hold the pistol in place while upside down to ensure proper retention. 

Suggested Equipment:

  • Hat

  • Sunblock

  • Liter of Water

  • Snacks