Core Skills

Medical preparedness

Take a hard look at the motivations that brought you here: it is likely that compassion for your fellow man is a driving force. If that is true, how can you afford to ignore those skills most valuable to the preservation of life? From a motor vehicle incident to an active shooter response, we'll provide the skills necessary to make yourself as useful as possible when bad things happen to good people.

Pistol & Rifle

Establish sound fundamentals rooted in the practical application of the tool. Firearms are force multipliers when used judiciously and liabilities when done so haphazardly. Build your skill set, test against performance standards, and become a more valuable asset to yourself and those around you.


Having multiple means of access and egress exponentially increases both your insertion/evacuation options and your fun factor. Learn the skills required to (sorta) safely get yourself into a window, out of a window, off a cliff, off a roof, or out of an illegal confinement 5 stories up. From up in the air to both feet on the ground, we'll get you past the pucker factor and increase your workmanship at height and on the ropes.