2022 Events Leaderboard

The wall of champions.

Every event you participate in earns you points. Win the event - that's 100 points. Everyone thereafter is benchmarked off of the victor. Prizes will be awarded for the top male and female shooters in the intermediate and advanced classes. We'll also have something lined up for those who come out and endeavor to improve.

Train hard, support each other, become more capable.

Weeknight Steel Leaders

The Weeknight Steel season is 6 months long so we'll have a victor for the first and second half of the season.  The best 6 results for a competitor are counted towards their total.
NameTotalEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6Event 7Event 8
Alex Acosta100100
Austin Fowler88.8488.84
Brett Hickey49.0549.05
Bridget Cummiskey69.7769.77
David Zacek167.6797.9169.76
Elmer Chen81.7981.79
Emma Shaybani37.7737.77
Jake Saenz157.2610057.26
Jimmy Prescott46.5446.54
Joe Cortez76.8276.82
John Bova44.8244.82
Justin Green8383
Lana Toporek49.0149.01
Laura Howard69.3269.32
Luke Gaffney66.9666.96
Matthew Crocker72.3372.33
Matthew Manto82.6282.62
Nicolas Mongtomery45.6945.69
Olivia Lawson71.8471.84
Quin Masters42.5442.54
Saulo Ibarra55.5155.51
Tai Hovanky61.2861.28
Tim Otto78.6278.62
Travis Dusek74.6274.62

The Gauntlet Leaders

The Gauntlet's season is the full year so we'll have a victor crowned after the final event in the fourth quarter of the year.  Scores from all 4 events will be counted towards the year end total.
NameTotalGauntlet 1Gauntlet 2Gauntlet 3Gauntlet 4
Shooter 1351100887588
Shooter 2370901008298
Shooter 3346849710065
Shooter 4303654692100

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