Private lessons

The best way to familiarize yourself with a firearm and learn proper fundamentals is to do so in a private 1-on-1, or small group, setting. This allows the instructor to match the content and pace of the training session with that of the students attending.

Our private outdoor range is perfect for first timers and our instructors have taught hundreds of new shooters how to confidently and safely use handguns for defensive and competitive purposes.

If the idea of shooting side by side with other shooters of varying ability bothers you then private training is the perfect fit to learn at your own pace under the watchful eyes of one of our instructors.

New shooters that do not personally own a firearm can rent a pistol and purchase ammo directly from us as well.

Time: 1-3 Hours on Range
Ammo: Varies


Bare metal

Bare Metal informs the student on the core manipulation of the tool. Safety concepts are covered at length in a controlled, dry environment, and basic manual of arms are taught. The core fundamentals of grip, trigger manipulation, sight acquisition and kinesthetic drive are patterned to build a solid core understanding of how to interact with the tool. This is the class you want to take if you are new to pistol and looking to learn how they function and how we interact with them to produce performance on target. Class sizes are kept small to ensure each student gets high levels of interaction with the instructor. 

Beyond Fundamentals

Beyond Fundamentals focuses on refining core concepts of marksmanship and introduces the student to concepts of shooting while moving. Enabling objectives include comprehension of the shooting cycle, draw stroke refinement, active visual processing dills, reloading and malfunction clearance exercises, and demonstrated control over one's shot tempo. High repetition is used to codify technique and to provide immediate feedback to the student. A score of 80% or better on the final test is required to pass.

Intro to dynamic movement

Intro to dynamic movement is designed for the shooter who has sound base mechanics and is wanting to learn how to move with the pistol outside of the holster.  The single terminal objective is that athletes will become capable of safely moving between positions while maintaining strict muzzle and trigger control.  All sequences will be demoed by the instructor. This is the perfect primer for shooters interested in the Run and Gun but that feel uncomfortable having not moved with their pistol deployed out of the holster.

Shooter Development

Shooter development sessions are held near McKinney Falls State Park. Two skills will be picked for focus and isolation. This is meant to be a collaborative environment. Alex will provide feedback and points of performance and everyone in attendance will observe and comment on each other as well.
You will either be shooting, loading mags, resetting targets, or observing each other.