Ivy Dorf

Ivy firmly believes that everyone should know how to properly and safely handle a firearm. Should the need ever arise, it is better to know and not need it, than to need it and not know... or something to that effect. She was the President of the 94th Citizen Police Academy and a current CPA Alumni volunteer. She also volunteers with the Women's Storybook Project of Texas and Hire Heroes USA. Ivy is an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. During the day, Ivy works in tech. If she finds a glimmer of spare time, you can find her on the range, in the gym lifting heavy things and putting them down again, in the gym punching/kicking her Muay Thai partner, putting miles on the ol' road bike, or just sitting at home and working on a good puzzle.

Operating In:

Atomic Legion
Austin, TX


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