Lars Noldan

Lars Noldan holds the highest class license issued by the FCC for Ham Radio Operators, and he has been licensed since 2006. His experience with radios goes back even further to his first car, which he acquired in 1994 and had a Citizens Band (CB) radio. Off-roading the Rimrocker Trail through western Colorado and into Utah and various other small trails, in addition to storm spotting for Skywarn and the National Weather Service, Lars has put his radio skills to a practical test in a meaningful way. While off-roading, and more importantly, while overlanding well off the beaten path, an expert grasp of radio communications goes beyond just a hobby and turns into potential life support gear.

When not operating a radio, Lars is likely working on his computer using arcane and mystical methods. We would tell you more, but even Lars doesn't know how to explain them to most people.

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