Stuff jake has done:

  • CSAT Tac Pistol Operator

  • CSAT Tac Rifle Operator

  • Shooting Performance Defensive Pistol

  • Greg Hamilton Street and Vehicle Tactics

  • CTT Solutions Covert Carry

  • TMACS TAPS Pistol

  • Assistant Instructor Sheepdog Response

  • Assistant Instructor Military Athlete Range Fitness

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Range Safety Officer

About Jake

Jake Saenz spent his earlier years serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment and deploying with JSOC after 9/11 to serve some much needed justice. Having fulfilled his dream of being a “no limits” commando he moved on to furthering his education at the very well respected and esteemed Ivy league school also known as Texas State University where he barely got a B.S. in Business. Upon completion of said “education” he followed his passion of training which lead him to start Atomic Athlete in 2009. For the past decade he has been training soldiers, law enforcement officers, combative athletes, climbers, and normal citizens to become Stronger, Faster, and Harder to kill.

When not making people harder to kill, Jake is either: chasing elk in the mountains, trying to keep up with Alex on the range, or attempting to execute some slick ass submission on the mat wearing a purple belt over his white pajamas.

He excels at making very complex ideas simple and easy to understand and teaching them in a structured manner that the end user can actually apply.

Jake can fight up to 12 five year olds at a time. If he has brass knuckles he can handle a solid 20. Give him nunchakus, he’s unstoppable.