Monthly Challenge - March 2nd - Night Rider

Monthly Challenge - March 2nd - Night Rider


Each Month we host a match that will challenge your firearms skills. The style of these matches vary month to month and additional information of the specific match is provided below.

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Time / Date:

6:00-8:30pm on March 2nd, 2019


Onion Creek Gun Club - 7802 Dee Gabriel Collins - Austin, Texas 78744
Park before first range on right

Required Equipment:

Pistol - 3 magazines - Holster - Belt - Magazine Pouches - 200 rounds of ammunition - Eye and Ear protection - Sturdy footwear

**Flashlight or weapons mounted light and clear-eye pro is required if doing low light shooting

Event: Night Rider

Night Rider is an all steel, low light course of fire where shooters will test their marksmanship under limited visibility. This event is run in small groups to allow shooters to get plenty of rounds downrange. Expect moderate levels of movement and the requirement to shoot from behind cover during this event.

Arrival / Check in:

Please check in with RO upon arrival to the range.
Guns must be either arrive to the range already in the holster or in a case. We will direct you to a safe location to “gun-up.”
At no point should an RO see an unholstered pistol unless the shooter is actively running the stage or on the “gun-up” table.