Radio Communication I: Portable Radios

Having an alternative means of communication beyond your cell phone or the internet is one of the most important ways to be prepared.  Communicating via handheld radios can be extremely powerful while in the backcountry or during a major storm event.

Places like Big Bend National Park simply don’t have cellular coverage outside of a few very small areas.  If you were on a hike, and an emergency occurred how would you reach out for help?  We need only look at Houston after Hurricane Harvey for a fairly low impact example of the Cellular Phone system being overloaded.  What’s your backup plan?

This course covers aspects of radio communication focused on handheld radios.

Topics covered include:

  • Available Radio Services
  • Radio Bands
  • Channels
  • Transmitter Power and Range
  • Wilderness Communications
  • Disaster Communications

Equipment Needed:

  • None
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