Trauma Kit Must Haves

January 28, 2021

What should you put in your trauma kit? That is a question that we often hear from our students.

Keep your kit to a minimum. You don't want to sort through dozens of items in an emergency. The essential core items for your individual first aid kit (IFAK) should stay the same for mall runs, range work, or hunting expeditions. If you want to keep more than one, that's up to you. Most of us keep one in our everyday carry bag, one on our shooting rigs, and one in our vehicle.

Many online retailers offer an all-in-one kit filled with items ready for your use. That can work, but they can be pricey, and there are often extra items of marginal benefit thrown in there. It's easiest and most cost-effective to buy the items separately and stock the kit yourself. If purchasing components separately, you can also get things you are most comfortable or familiar with. It's helpful when restocking to use the same brands, so your familiarity with them remains the same.

Are you looking for training in how and when to use these items? Using all this gear is covered in our Trauma Management I class. We also offer a short course called Trauma Essentials covering tourniquet application, wound packing, and using a chest seal.


The two IFAK pouches that are our personal preferences right now are:


Extended Equipment


Proven methods designed to help you master the fundamentals. Regardless of your experience level, we'll accelerate your learning curve and performance.
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From basic safety on and off the range to advanced application, we are here to significantly increase your skill level with a carbine.
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Medical Courses

For the medical novice and those wishing  to refresh or expand their knowledge. Real world applications and techniques to preserve life.
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Preparedness Courses

Land navigation, communication, off-road, and other uncommon skills to make you and your team, more capable.
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