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One strength of Amateur Radio (aka. Ham Radio) is how flexible the hobby is. One type of operation that is very interesting for folks that like to Overland or Backpack is called APRS (Amateur Packet Reporting System). This is a mechanism by which radio operators can share digital information such as the raw NEMA2 position […]
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So much of our lives revolve around being able to efficiently communicate with one another. Communication is key to the effective execution of plans. Natural disasters, cellular network failures, or just simple loss of internet connectivity can all impair your ability to effectively communicate. Have a Comms Plan Having a comms plan means you and […]
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What should you put in your trauma kit? That is a question that we often hear from our students. Keep your kit to a minimum. You don't want to sort through dozens of items in an emergency. The essential core items for your individual first aid kit (IFAK) should stay the same for mall runs, […]
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